Muscovado is pure whole, unrefined, non-centrifugal cane sugar produced from fresh sugarcane juice without the use of any chemical. It is 100% natural, brown in color, moist and has a strong molasses flavor. Muscovado sugar comes in powder form and small sugar cubes.

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What is Cane Vinegar?
Cane vinegar, made from sugar cane juice, is a mild vinegar that you will see in frequent use in Philippines cooking, and on many islands where sugar cane is grown and harvested. It’s been compared to rice vinegar in its mildness, though there are certainly different grades squeezed from sugar cane. It’s not exactly sweet and instead has a mildly sharp taste that is useful for pickling ingredients or making sauces.

Cane vinegar is used in dishes with sweet and sour sauces, and surprisingly, in many dishes that are certainly not Philippine in origin. Sauerbraten benefits from cane vinegar and some people now use it as the principle ingredient in pickled herring.

Biodegradable food containers (substitute for styrofoam containers)

Sugarcane Wine

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