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Date: Data Prepared April 7, 2010
Company Name Raw Brown Sugar Milling Co., Inc.
Address Raw Brown Compound, Igbalanak, Pamplona, Neg. Or. Philippines
Telephone No. (63)35-225-4220
Facsimile No. (63)35-422-9089
E-mail Address  /
URL: Homepage
President Atty. Alejandro Florian O. Alcantara
Directors Chairman: Atty. Alejandro Florian O. Alcantara; Members: Socorrito B. Alcantara; Nequito Alejandro B. Alcantara; Florian Joseph B. Alcantara; Jose Miguel V. Bengoechea; Engr. Isidore O. Alcantara
Products Muscovado Sugar in Retail Packs of 300 grams; 500 grams; 1 kg.
Bulk Packaging of 25 kg bag.  In 6 months, muscovado cubes of 4 grams (1 teaspoon). Cane Vinegar, Bio-Degradable containers, Rhum (alcohol)
Establishment Date August 18, 2009
Paid-up Capital (US$) US500,000
No. of Employees 40
Production Capacity 90 tons per month (muscovado sugar)
Annual Production
Achievement With sales Turnover in (USD)
2009 n/a started commercial operation in Feb. 2010
Countries Exported Japan & Korea
Quantity Exported (confidential info.)
Production Machineries and Equipments Boilers, jacketed stainless kettles, stainless sugar mills and crystallizing tables
Production Factory Area 1,000 square meters
Other Information Monthly production may increase as needed.

Additional Company Information

Raw Brown Sugar Milling Company, Inc., is a corporation duly organized pursuant to Philippine law with principal place of business located at Raw Brown Compound, Igbalanac, Pamplona, Negros Oriental, Philippines. It is a food processing plant which produces raw brown sugar, also known as “muscovado” , purely from sugarcane juice. Sugarcanes used as raw materials are home-grown adopting organic farming practices. As such, sugarcanes are freshly harvested and milled for the production of muscovado.

The corporation is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the 11th day of September, 2008 under SEC Registration No. CS200830189. Its primary purpose is to establish and operate muscovado sugar mills in Negros Oriental, Philippines to ensure a steady supply of quality, sediment-free muscovado by adopting current good manufacturing practices acceptable to local and international markets.

Raw Brown Sugar Milling Company, Inc. aims to serve both the domestic markets, particularly in Visayas and Mindanao, and the international markets such as Korea, Japan, and European countries.
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